Hello, it's me, Jill.

Welcome, I'm glad you found your way to my internet space!

Five random facts about me apart from the obvious self-taught passions of mine, which are photography and filmmaking:


1. I'm a straight forward person, who loves to get to know people. Even if you believe you're socially awkward, you'll find yourself being comfortable around me (ask my dear friends).

2. I'm a sucker for Stranger Things and Hayao Miyazaki films.


3. I give my cameras as well as my plants names.

4. My superpower is applying The-Big-Bang-Theory-scenes to every day life situations.

5. Currently I'm dreaming of growing my own jungle in my homestudio and my own vegetables in my garden.

My values

I love to create visual art with, around and for people. Whether you are a private person, a corporate business or brand, I appreciate to work with you in a valuable time-efficient way and would like to help you to bring you're visions come to life and at the same time save you valuable time, so that you can concentrate on your own tasks.

Getting to know other people's different facettes, stories and ​passions excites me. And I strongly believe that good communication and diversity, whether in a team or an intimate work two by two are the essentials that efficiently lead to achieving your goals.